5 redenen waarom elk restaurant absoluut een virtual tour nodig heeft.

1. Show off

Restaurant owners need to show off their beautiful location to their customers.

Think about it. If you are a hungry customer and come across two restaurants; Which one would you choose: The restaurant that doesn’t have any photos or videos of their place, or the restaurant that shows off their place with a virtual tour?

2. Inform

When looking for a restaurant, most of the customers first search through Google before deciding which restaurant they’re going to. They’re looking for a restaurant that is inviting and that they can rely on.

Why are they doing this? Is it to look up your restaurant hours? Perhaps.

To see what specials they offer on the weekend? Maybe.

To find that special new beer they’ve been waiting for? Possibly.

They mainly do this to familiarize themselves with the restaurant before they visit it. If they don’t see images or content for a company, they usually look further for another company that does.

Ask yourself: When did you ever go to a restaurant without seeing photos of it? Almost never, right?

What is a great way to show your customers that your restaurant is great? A 360 virtual tour of course! It’s something that exceeds all expectations. Most people think of a few photos and maybe a video, but here you are with a virtual tour that covers your entire restaurant.

A virtual tour for your restaurant helps with local SEO, it offers great images for social media and it’s also adaptable to your needs. That’s why virtual tours are great for restaurant marketing.

3. SEO value of Virtual Tours.

As mentioned earlier, the majority of consumers will Google a local business before deciding where to go. Search engines make finding a restaurant so much easier, because if the restaurant has used its Google My Business correctly, consumers can find a ton of information.

Customers can find restaurant opening hours, menu, address and phone number, and even take a virtual tour of the interior.

In other words: If you own a restaurant, have claimed your GMB, receive and respond to reviews and get a virtual tour, you will see an increase in visibility and SEO!

Integrate your virtual tour with the website and Facebook.

If you have a virtual tour for your restaurant, you can implement it in your restaurant marketing through both social media and your website.

A virtual tour on your website?

It is very common to include a menu, why add a tour of your restaurant? In a way, it’s the same idea. You give people an idea of your restaurant before you arrive. Do you have a terrace? Seating areas? Maybe a room for events? All of these aspects are great sellers and what better way to promote them than with a virtual tour?

It’s like a fashion show for your restaurant. You can show the great aspects of your ambiance and show how great your business is.

People who visit your website will see that you offer a virtual tour and will automatically be more interested because not everyone does.
It is the perfect way to stand out from the crowd.

The better the user experience of the visitors to your website and virtual tour, the greater the chance that they will actually visit your restaurant.

4. Still not convinced? Visibility and brand awareness.

Part of restaurant marketing is gaining visibility and brand awareness. Therefore, companies are recommended to create content, edit their social media and improve their SEO. All of this helps convince consumers to choose your restaurant over another in your niche.

What makes a virtual tour so great is that it increases the trust between your restaurant and potential customers.

5. Build confidence.

Part of the reason people search a location on Google before they actually go is that it’s very hard to trust the idea of ​​something.

For example, you might hear that a restaurant is the place to be. But how do you really know unless you see it with your own eyes?
You’re intrigued, but you still need more. So you turn to good ol’ Google to see what it’s all about.

Before going to a restaurant, you need to find out some basic information;

  • What kind of food is served? (menu)
  • Where is it? (Location)
  • What do others think about it? (reviews)
  • How does it look? (virtual tour).

All these aspects are going to sell the restaurant to you and the more you can tick off, the better!

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