Hoe maak je een uitstekende metabeschrijving.

Nice! But ehm… What is a Meta description?

When you get search engine results, you’ll see blue headlines with hyperlinks all over the page. These are “SEO Title Tags”; and below that you’ll usually find some text. That piece of text is an HTML attribute called a “meta description” or “meta description”. Many people underestimate its value.

The “average” meta description is usually somewhere between 70 and 150 characters long. However, SEO copy writing is a craft that relies heavily on brevity. There is also an aesthetic quality of information that is not broken down mid-sentence. It looks a bit clumsy. That aspect, coupled with a higher position in the search results, will undoubtedly generate more traffic to your site.

What is the purpose of a meta description?

Now that you know what a meta description is, you might want to dig deeper into the purpose and underlying value. Meta descriptions do not directly affect the search engine algorithms. This is rather strange given that duplicate and missing meta descriptions are penalized by search engines.

Nevertheless, they are invaluable for conversions and the performance of your site. One of the keys to marketing is meaningful communication. Hold the attention of a customer and encourage action; One of the measures by which we measure this is the click-through rate or CTR. An increased CTR of your meta descriptions will ensure that your pages rank higher in the search engines. Can you communicate the needs of your customers in 150 characters? ” If so they will tend to check your page for more information.

Simply put, these descriptions provide a small chance to prove your expertise to potential customers. So it’s important to maximize them using SEO tactics like keyword optimization and call-to-actions.

What does a good meta description look like?

Be original.

If your goal is to create meaning, you’re not going to make it with boring and monotonous content. It pays to be different and stand out from the crowd. Make sure you extend that line to your meta descriptions as well. Determine the identity of your company and make the meta descriptions in that tone.

It’s important for developers to use meta descriptions to emphasize the differences between your pages. If you don’t, you run the risk of being punished by the search engines. This in turn will damage the page rankings and performance of your website.

Use a call to action.

Actually, you should see the meta description as an invitation to your page.
If all your meta descriptions radiate this inviting feeling, the results of your efforts will pay off soon. One aspect of this is a powerful call to action or CTA. In marketing, there is a fine line between persuasion and command. Sometimes the only thing your customer needs is a push in the right direction. Don’t be afraid to use imperatives and commands when trying to convince them. A few classic examples are still very effective: read on, learn more, get it today etc. CTAs are especially useful if the page associated with the meta description is one where a conversion can take place. For example, a product page where items can be purchased.

Use the focus keyword.

This really can’t be overlooked. Keywords are the building blocks on which SEO is built. You want to make sure everything is related to the keyword. Optimization is crucial here. Don’t be afraid to use synonyms as well. Today’s SEO technology makes keyword optimization wider and more sophisticated than ever before. So research which synonyms your keywords have and include them in your meta descriptions.

Wrap up.

Pay enough time and attention to your meta descriptions. Discover the voice of your company and extend this “tone of voice” in your meta descriptions. Research and optimize the keywords related to your company and use them in your communication. It will pay off in no time with a better performing website. Do you want to take your site’s SEO capabilities to the next level? Contact us today to learn more about how we can use our SEO expertise to give you the results you need.