Tracking + Analytics

Put your data to work.

Throughout all of our services, it’s crucial that we’re able to track the results we bring in so you have a full understanding of exactly where your results come from. We help you gain a deeper insight into your audience through our analytics services. Online analytics are how we make most of our decisions and deliver an effective marketing strategy. With accurate tracking, we’ll optimize every campaign we run to get you even better results.

Google Analytics

With an overload of information constantly flowing through your business, you might not be able to make any sense of it. We’ve got your back on this one. We dig data like flamingos dig their shrimps. After our review you’ll be able to take a look at important data like:

  • Audience behaviour and
  • Demographics
  • Bounce rates
  • CTR or Click-Through Rates
  • Search trends
  • Pageviews
  • Session data
  • Acquisition
    … and a lot more!


Conversion rate optimisation

CRO or Conversion Rate Optimization enhances the user experience (UX) for your people visiting your website. By increasing conversions we’ll also increase the ROI from all your running campaigns. Where do people land and where do they drop off? Using the data insights of your websites we can visualize the behavior flow people traveled from one page to the next. 

But wait there’s more!

We can provide you with heatmaps to actually see how your visitors travel through your site. How long do they stay on the page? Where do they click? How far along do they scroll?  Heatmaps will instantly make it visual and clear. That way, we know what works good and where actions are need to be taken.

But wait there’s more!

Want to take it up a notch? It doesn’t get any realer than session recordings.

It takes a lot more than number crunching website analytics to fully understand your website visitors.

Session recordings enable us to view actual recordings of what’s really happening on your website. Real, anonymized users interacting with your website. Get in to the minds of your customers. Watch how they hover over certain items, how they scroll, click or even get frustrated. See what people on your website do, how they do it, where they struggle and what blocks them from converting.

Wondering what's really happening on your website?